Stories about Some of the Children ALMAS is Helping

Innocentian Care in Nigeria is most grateful to ALMAS for all our laudable achievements, especially in the area of free qualitative education and medical services for poor children who ordinarily would not have been able to afford even the most basic education and health care services.  We have, through ALMAS’ generous financial support, assisted many of such children who were under the most perilous conditions that threatened even their very existence. We sincerely thank ALMAS for the assistance in bringing hope to the hopeless.

Here are a number of brief stories about some of these children:

Okosi Emmanuela (16 years Old,)

Okosi Emmanuela lost her father who was the major bread winner of the family.  They are so poor that the mother who earns little from her little job was always crying and worried of what would become the fate of her children, especially Emmanuela who is very bright.  We took Emmanuela in and provided for her every need, including school uniform, feeding, accommodation, medical care and education for free.  Her mother has been very happy afterward and Emmanuella, who is now 16 years old, is in Senior Secondary 2.

Nneji Mary (16 years)

Margret Nneji and Mary Nneji also lost their father and their mother alone could not take care of her children’s education.  She was in despair before we took her two daughters, Margret, now 18 years old in SS3 and Mary, now 16 years old in SS2.  The girls are beneficiaries of our free feeding, accommodation, medical care and education.

Muodebelu Olivia (14 years Old, JS3)

Olivia Muodebelu’s father has been suffering from cancer of the blood (Leukemia).  The family became very poor after spending everything on treatment and management of his health condition.  The children felt the pain and were constantly crying as there was nobody to take care of their education.  Olivia, now 14 years old, is a beneficiary of our all free expenses medical care, education, feeding, accommodation and school uniform. Her elder sister, Mary, who has now graduated, was also a beneficiary like Olivia. The family is extremely joyous and happy.

Akwaja Gloria (16 years old)

Gloria Akwaja is a victim of a broken home and domestic violence. Both parents were always at loggerheads.  When we heard about her condition, we swiftly took her in, providing her every need, school uniform, education, health care services, feeding and accommodation for free. Gloria is now 16 years old and currently in SS2.

Ekwunife Blessing (17 years, SS2)

Ekwunife Blessing is from a very poor family.  We took her in on account that nobody was able to take care of her education, not even her close relatives. We are providing all her needs including school uniform, feeding, accommodation, education and medical care for free. Blessing is also kind hearted. She is now 18 years old and currently in SS2.

We have been able to put smiles on the faces of these children largely from ALMAS generous financial support.  Our hospital and school apostolate has been greatly enriched by ALMAS as we strive to die for Christ in every human life in union with our Blessed Mother, Mary. We love ALMAS.  We thank ALMAS immensely.

The Following Stories are about children who are attending the Kindergarten in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Habtamu Aleka

Habtamu is 10 years of age, but never been to school.  His father is Mr. Aleka Gebeyehu and his mother is Abiyot Adecha.  They used to live at Jessa, Wollaita southern part of Ethiopia.  Habtamu’s father and his younger brother came to Addis.  Later the mother and other two children joined the father in Addisbeba.  Habtamu is the eldest boy in the family, and his father is a traditional weaver.  The younger brother was going to school whereas Habtamu remained at home because the parents were not able to send both children to school because of poverty.  While our staff was visiting the family to motivate parents and children, they saw Habtamu was loafing around the street, and asked him to join the day care programme , so he was very happy to enroll his name . He said he has not been at school at all and lost dream has been realized.  He is eager to learn and good student. His parents are happy that he is at school now. He feels that he is lucky, got chance to read and write like other children.

           Mekides’s Gezahegan:- Her parents are poor , they do not have stable job; the father washes the car and mother fetches water for far away residents.  They have three children, and Mekedes was the first child of the family , she was not enrolled her name in the school because of the poor economic condition.  The both parents work hard to get their daily meal; often the children go to bed with empty stomach.  It is difficult for them to pay the rent , living expenses and education, therefore they kept the child at home to take care of the other siblings; however they manage to live happily with their limited income.  After enrolling the   Mekedes in MACDPG day care she looked a bit healthier; she gets breakfast and lunch.  The parents are happy and grateful to the staffs of MACDPG and ALMAS foundation. Mekedess will have some relief from caring of siblings.  One of the objectives of the program is counseling service and linking the parents to village development committee which will enable them to get involve with income generative activities.

Ermias Hailu:-

His father work as daily wage, and mother is sickly, he they live in a       small rented house, which costs seven hundred birr per month; his brother is seven years old and he is 4.  Ermais was not in the school; through the family visit , we got him to school, he is smart, and energetic child.  His father used to worry about Ermias’ education and sickness of his wife; now he is happy because both children are in the school.  At least Ermias gets breakfast and lunch and has become healthy.  At the end of the academic year he will get school fees, uniform and stationary.  The father of Ermias is happy because his son is able to get education some of his worry has been vanishes.                       

Ilham Bilal

Illahim father is psychic patient; he is an addict too; he is the second husband of her mother.  In the first marriage she has son and the husband passed away.  Her mother (Medina Teye ) washes clothes of people in the village and they live on the pavement.  Life of the family is miserable; however the mother is determined to educate her children and working hard to take care of the family. The child been admitted in the MACDPG day care and they are happy. Now she is free to take up another job to earn better.

Selehadin Bonso

His mother Temima Husein is a house wife. Her husband is working as a guard of a sheep market.  They live in Woreda 15 by a rented house.  They pay birr 800 for the one room house.  She washes clothes house to house to get additional income.  They have 4 children. The eldest one is 13 years of age.  He is sick who cannot walk and speak due to a sustained problem impaired by falling while he was 3.  She has to be with throughout the day, which holds her from take up other for additional income.  She is insisted to get help for the elder boy since she also has a baby younger than Selehadin.  His mother still has to struggle to get additional income since it is difficult to wash clothes leaving a sick boy at home and carrying a baby to work.  But our project reduces the burden somehow, without which life would be more difficult.

Beza Demis

Her mother Alem Fuja used to work in an oil factory.  Her job was cleaning the mill.  She left it as she was unable to continue because of her kidney problem.  Her husband is a petty trader who brings and sells secondhand clothes which is legally banned from the market.  He sometimes fail to do it when there is strict control over the sale.  She sometime has to take money from her relatives to pay the house rent. They rented a small room for birr 800.  They have two children the older one is Beza who joined the program.  Now she will have some time to care for her health. She says she is trying to get treatment in the mother Teresa homes clinic after her daughter is taken over by our center.  After she is cured she will do some work to support the family income.



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  1. frbrian says:

    These are very touching stories and it’s great that so many donors to ALMAS can relieve so much struggle.