Almas is a charity established since October 2003 and was originally set up to support people responding to the painful reality of children who are hiv-positive and suffering with the aids virus. The charity is named after a young Ethiopian girl who died from hiv-aids at the age of fourteen. Her parents died when she was only one. Her name means “precious pearl”. Soon after the charity was established Fr. Brian was out in Ethiopia and witnessed small children living in absolute poverty and so from then on the Charity seeks to help children who are living in and suffering from poverty and whose families are affected by Hiv-Aids.

Money is sent out directly to the people working with and helping these children and their families. In the last twenty years ALMAS has send out €2,o00,000 to twenty five countries and the money has been used for the following purposes: education, medicine and operations, water projects, food and clothing, powder milk, hygiene, repair of homes, health and vaccinations. The Friends of ALMAS and all who support the fund raising events have made this amazing difference possible.