2003 – 2022  20th Anniversary of the Charity

A Word of Welcome from our founder Fr. Brian Kavanagh.

A very special welcome to you who are visiting the ALMAS website. Throughout the years many people have made it possible for the Charity to reach out to so many children and their families affected by poverty and Aids. Since it’s foundation in 2003 ALMAS has reached out in love to vulnerable and suffering children worldwide. Through all the lay people, religious and priests ALMAS is giving children and families hope and happiness in their lives.

We are encouraged and inspired by the Gospel story of the Good Samaritan and we believe in the power of generous love and charity to those in need. Almas was a young Ethiopian girl who died in 2002 from the aids virus at the age of 14. Her name meaning ‘Precious Pearl’ reminds us that every child throughout the world is Precious to us and in the world. The love that ALMAS has shown to so many is possible because of people who want to help and make a difference. As a Charity we aim to pass almost every single cent you give to us to those who so badly need it. We have no administration expenses and we can boast that not a single person receives a salary or a wage. This means you help real people and children directly.

If you feel at this point you would like to know more please give me a call anytime on 087 6162675.

Thank you and may God bless you.

Brian Kavanagh

Please have a listen to my chat with Yitayal, whom Almas minded in the orphanage before she died.